Floodplain Management – Charleston County

Provides information to help residents understand floodplain issues including preparation, securing insurance, what to do in case of a flood, etc.

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Public safety, fire protection and emergency medical services are all a part of emergency preparedness. Charleston County provides emergency preparedness services to the Town of Awendaw.

Fire Protection

The Town of Awendaw is located in the Awendaw Fire District of Charleston County. There are three Charleston County fire stations located in the Awendaw Fire District. Station #1 is located on Highway 17, just past the Greater Zion Church. Station #2 is located on Maxville Road near the intersection of Seewee and Doar Road. Station #3 is located on Highway 17 across from St. James-Santee Elementary School, at the northern limit of the Awendaw area. These stations have both paid and volunteer fire fighters. The United States Forestry Service aids the Town in fighting wildfires. The Town has installed a public water system in the lower and central part of the community, which includes fire hydrants that greatly enhance fire-fighting capabilities.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Two units of the Charleston County EMS, Medic #11 and Medic # 6, serve the Awendaw area. Medic # 6 is located at 10064 Highway 17 North, near the intersection of Highway 17 and Highway 45. Medic #11 is located at the County Services Center at 1189 Iron Bridge Road. The Firefighters in the Town are certified first responders in emergency situations.

Water Supply

Due to the poor quality of water obtained from shallow wells in the Awendaw area, the Town has created a public water system. From the Town Hall water tower, water is provided along Seewee Road and Doar Road up to Wilson Cemetery Road and the southern part of the Town along Highway 17 near Sewee Outpost and from the United States Post Office north to Porcher School Road. Funds are being sought to supplement the southern service area and to construct the next phase which will service the remaining parts of Doar Road and Highway 17 north of Awendaw Creek.

Wastewater Management

Currently there is no public Wastewater Management system in the Town of Awendaw. Properties are served by individual septic systems. Due to the high water table, new style engineered septic tank systems consisting of 6” to 12” mounds are commonplace.

Waste Management

Household waste in the Town of Awendaw is disposed of at one of two sites containing dumpsters; Site #1 on Maxville Road and Site # 2 on Highway 17 North near McClellanville. Residents may also deposit recyclable materials at these sites. Some businesses within the Town have contracts with private companies to remove their waste.


The Town Hall facility houses a small library that is open during normal business hours. Outside of Awendaw, the nearest library for the residents of Awendaw is the McClellanville branch of the Charleston County Public Library. Residents of the southern part of the Town may be closer to the Mount Pleasant branch of the library located on Mathis Ferry Road, however, Charleston County is planning to construct a new library in Park West, just south of the Town.

Boat Landings

Public boat landings serving the Town of Awendaw:

  • Garris Landing, in the Town, located at the end of Bulls Island Road

Electric and Natural Gas

Berkeley Electric Cooperative is the major provider of electricity in the Town of Awendaw. Their new, large service center and warehouse is conveniently located in the Town at 7200 North Highway 17. The South Carolina Electric and Gas Company provides service to some Town residents.

Telephone Service

McClellanville Telephone / TDS provides phone service to the Awendaw area.

Health Facilities

The citizens of the Town of Awendaw have access to the St. James-Santee Rural health Program, Inc. This program is located on Tibwin Road near McClellanville. The center employs Board Certified Physicians and offers the following service: Adult Care, Pediatric care, Immunizations, Prenatal Care, Laboratory, Family Planning, X-ray, Cervical Cancer Screening, Breast Cancer Screening, Emergency On-Call Services, Pharmacy, and Dental.

To better serve the East Cooper community, Roper St. Francis Healthcare’s new Mount Pleasant Hospital opened in the Fall of 2010 located on Highway 17 just south of Awendaw.  The Mount Pleasant Hospital Campus includes a Medical Office Building with offices for up to 45 doctors.

These facilities are connected to EMS and police through the county E911 dispatch center.

Public Education

Pre-school students living on and above Seewee Road attend the Awendaw Head Start Program at St. James-Santee Elementary School. School-age students in this area attend St. James-Santee Elementary School, McClellanville Middle School or Lincoln High School.

The school age students living below Sewee Road attend Charles Pinckney Elementary School. Older students living in this area attend Thomas Cario Middle School and Wando High School.