New Council Member Tim Penninger

tim-penningerThe newest member of Town Council is Tim Penninger. While he is new to the Town Council, Tim comes from a family that has been in the Awendaw area for generations. His grandfather was Judge Thames who was a magistrate. More recently, his mother owns and operates the Seewee Restaurant. Tim has authored a book about the history of the Awendaw area that goes back to the times of the Indians and the Revolutionary War. The book is an excellent collection of stories about the people who have lived here as well as the types of industrial and agricultural activities they engaged in.

Tim is also an accomplished archaeological collector. His many finds are pictured in his book and you can see them up close at the McClellanville Museum. Tim was a member of the Planning Com- mission prior to his election to Council. He works for the State DOT and in the past worked on the Ravenel Bridge construction project and with the Charleston County Public Works Department. He will be the Council member to oversee issues related to roads and drainage. Welcome aboard!