Are YOU Doing Your Part?

awendaw-town-hall-600The Town water system has increased the number of customers it serves to over 200. This number includes 159 residences and 11 non-residential users. This is a good trend, but we still have many people who need to connect to the system. When the system was constructed, the Town received grant money from the US Department of Agriculture Rural Development office and from the SC Department of Commerce. However, the Town also had to borrow $460,000. We were required by the Rural Development office to have a mandatory connection ordinance to help ensure the water system would have enough users to be able to pay back the loan. The ordinance requires everyone within 300 feet of the water lines to connect. There are approximately 60 homes that are within the mandatory connection limits that have not connected. The Town is billing these properties $26.00 per month until they connect. If these properties do not connect and do not pay the $26.00 per month charge, money will be taken out of the property owner’s state income tax return to cover the $26.00 per month fee. If there is not sufficient money to collect from the tax refund, the Town will place a lien on the property.

Please contact the Town if you are in the mandatory connection area. You are required by law to connect. We will be glad to assist you in every way we can to resolve the issue. Thank you for your cooperation.